with Afsar Pasha during the making of Nauven Kosmetic, Bangalore, India, 2017

with Ross Marshall during the making of The Fairy who Shot John Lennon, Glasgow, Scotland, 2010

 Magpies at the Baseball, watercolour on canvas, 100 x 160cm, 2017

pdf samples
Mall Malaise, 2017

Magic in Somers Town, 2017

Aileen's Detox, 2017 and Demarco's Interior's, 2012

Breathless Dowser, 2017

SPORE, 2016

Multipurpose Airlines, 2016

Painting Reports on a Javanese Biker Gang, 2015

Watercolours on Paper, June - October, 2015

People of the Dunes, 2015

Little Green Book, 2015

Jet Stream, 2013

Medical Menagerist, 2012 onwards

Alfred Talkies, 2012

Sam LD O'Booth, 2007