For Sam LD O'Booth, 2020
installation at Metro Auditorio, CDMX, Mexico, Chalton Gallery off-site

People of the Dunes, 2015
artist book, automatic page turner

Exhibition view, RA Schools Show, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK, 2015
window intervention, watercolour on glass, automatic blinds

A Morning with Alan, 2012

Room (DeMarco's Interiors), oil and silkscreen print on canvas, 200cm x 1000cm, 2012
catwalk backdrop in fashion show in conjunction with Oxfam and Annie Lennox, 2012

Painting Together, 2012

Watercolour Unveiling 1, Hotel Gilchrist, Glasgow, UK, 2011

Selected clips from An Interview with Captain Max Pruss, 2010